Our green holiday is just around the corner and we are cooking up some delicious Irish dishes to celebrate. The most familiar Irish foods include corned beef, root vegetables (especially carrots and potatoes), and spices such as caraway seeds, thyme and parsley. Stews, soups, and quick breads are common dishes that continue to be staples in the Irish household.

Did you know that Irish scones and biscuits are made from potatoes? Potatoes are considered Ireland’s national food, which is great for health because potatoes are boasting with potassium. Potatoes are great for boosting heart health and may help reduce blood pressure.

Looking for a twist on an Irish Shepherd’s Pie? Try our Veggie Pot Pies or add in pre-cooked corned beef to the filling for a true Irish variation.

If you’re going for a sweet treat, start with our Irish Soda Bread recipe. Add in some chocolate chips or raisins or top it off with a honey glaze.

Do you have a favorite St. Patrick’s Day food you like to make? Share it with us by commenting below. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

–Chef Shannon, Nutritionist, TBK Southlake