We love Cannoli! In addition to making them from scratch in our Taste of Italy Adult Workshop, our kid chefs love whipping them up in our summer camps and semester classes.

Want a quick and easy way to form a cannoli shell? Wonton Wrappers!  Wonton Wrappers are not just for making wontons, here at TBK we use them for tons of recipes including Lasagna Cupcakes, Fortune Cookies and Cannoli Shells!  Brush both sides of wonton wrapper with vegetable oil, gently roll around cannoli roll and place seam side down on a parchment lined baking sheet, sprinkle with sugar all around.  Bake in a 375 °F oven for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.  Let cool and remove shells from rolls.  Ready to fill with your favorite cannoli filling.  Here at TBK we love Ricotta filling with orange zest and chocolate chips, yum yum – Enjoy! Wonton Wrappers can be found at most grocery stores in the freezer section – or you can order them online.


Taste Buds Kitchen Cannoli Shells


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