We’re baking cookies and raising funds for Cookies for Kids Cancer!

Every summer, Taste Buds Kitchen partners with Cookies for Kids Cancer to host fundraiser bake sales at our Kitchens across the country. In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September, we are thrilled to announce that our Kitchens have raised a total of $44,327 for the CFKC organization!

Founded in 2007, the mission of Cookies for Kids Cancer is to raise funds to develop new, improved, & less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer, the #1 disease killer of children in the U.S. When Jessi (Taste Buds Kitchen CEO) first learned about CFKC, she couldn’t wait to get involved. It was a match “baked in heaven” which combined her love of baking with her passion for contributing to the common good.

All of our TBK franchise owners believe in the importance of giving back as well. Through the partnership with CFKC, they teach our little chefs each summer how they can contribute too. With just a few ingredients and many helping hands, our campers set aside one day of each week to bake cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats for the bake sale at the end of the day. After carefully branding each goodie with a CFKC sticker, the campers head out of the Kitchen to greet parents, neighbors, and community members. Kids and parents alike were so proud of their hard work and the money they raised to give back to CFKC this summer.

Want to join TBK and CFKC in the fight against pediatric cancer? Click here to donate and you can #beagoodcookie too!

Here are a few of our TBK Bake Sales nationwide

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