Meet Nicole


Meet Nicole! Our Taste Buds February Chef of the Month is Nicole!  Nicole came to take a cooking class with her Dad, they made 3-Cheese Raviolis with Roasted Pepper Tomato sauce and Chocolate Biscotti.  Nicole was a pro in our kitchen, for the Super Bowl she is planning on using the techniques she learned at Taste Buds to create GREEN biscotti (for the Packers) and make football shaped raviolis.

Nicole and her siblings planned and planted a garden in their backyard filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants little watermelons and lots of squash vines!

Nicole attends a cooking camp where she learns new skills and techniques which she uses to cook meals for her family!

Age: 9.5
Neighborhood: Norwalk/Westport, CT
Favorite Foods: Perogis, Crepes, Cake, aged Gruyere cheese, Mozzarella with Pineapple and Basil and Steak.
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Whisk

Begin your culinary adventure with us today!