Play With Your Food


Heres an idea for some hands on fun to do with your children on the next stuck-at-home snow day. Dessert sushi is exciting because it looks like real sushi, but without the raw fish concerns. Making these mini masterpieces is a good way to spend some quality time with your kids, while encouraging creativity and kitchen skills.

For the base rice, use a recipe of rice crispy treats.

For the toppings and fillings:

Swedish fish

Dried fruit, such as papaya (for tuna), apricots (for salmon)

Green Fruit by the Foot, or fruit rolls (for seaweed wrap)

Tiny red jujubis or jelly beans (for roe)

And your imagination!

Once you set up the ingredients in bowls, the fun can begin. Roll out the rice crispy treats while its still warm to cut into small rectangles or circles to put the toppings on. Create different rolls, nigiri, or sushi using the candy pieces, and wrap with the fruit rolls for the effect of seaweed. Arrange on a plate with a bit of green frosting for wasabi and pieces of candied ginger for a real looking presentation!

Begin your culinary adventure with us today!