We encounter many dietary restrictions and allergies during our Cooking Classes, Summer Camps and Adult Events.  Quickly having fool-proof ingredient substitutions on hand is key in ensuring our recipes still taste good!

Different substitute ingredients can alter a recipes flavor and texture, knowing the reaction that different ingredients have on a recipe can help determine the best options.

One of the popular allergies and recipe substitutions we cater to is the Egg Allergy.  Eggs are in the majority of our recipes.  There are a few options for substituting eggs in recipes, we tested the most popular ones to find which one had the best flavor and texture.

Egg Substitutions

    1. We chose one of our most popular and delicious recipes to test the egg substitutes on – our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (download below)!  We make Chocolate Chip cookies every week during our Summer Camps and host Bake Sales to raise Cookies for Kids Cancer.  These cookies can be customized with different mix-in ingredients, white chocolate chips, raisins, sprinkles etc!
    2. Based on our experience and research on egg substitutions the most popular substitutes we found were: Applesauce, Banana, Chia Seeds and Baking Powder.
    3. Before adding the substitution ingredients we measured all of the other ingredients in the recipe – and tested it side by side with our tried-and-true original recipe.  We creamed the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.IMG_1499
    4. For the Banana substitution we used a frozen Banana, defrosted and strained of excess liquid.  For the Chia Seeds, we first needed to soak them (1:1 ratio) with water to re-hydrate them, they will thicken and create a solid consistency.  All of the egg substitutions were measured in a 1:1 ratio with the egg (one egg is around 3 tablespoons) with the exception of the Baking Powder which was measured in 2 teaspoons per egg.IMG_1501
    5. Once all of the cookies were baked we tasted for the closest to the original cookie.  All of the cookies with the egg substitutions tasted delicious and would be viable substitutions.
      • The Banana Cookie had a very Banana flavor that came through.
      • The Chia Seeds Cookie had a nutty and earthy flavor as well as a slight crunchy texture from the Chia Seeds.
      • The Baking Powder Cookie was a lot chewier than our original recipe which some of our taste testers preferred.
      • And the winner is… Applesauce!  The Applesauce Cookie was the closest flavor and texture to our original recipe.IMG_1518

Download PDF Recipe

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