Cooking Club Videos

Grab your ingredients and get ready to join us for one of our cooking club videos where you can make a delicious recipes along with us from home.

What began as an idea quickly grew to over 25,000 members

About our At-Home Cooking Club

Our at-home cooking club was launched to spread love by creating a fun place for budding chefs to learn something new and fill the days at home during the early months of COVID. For every chef who joined our at-home cooking club, we donated $1 to No Kid Hungry to help millions of children get the healthy meals they so desperately needed. Our Cooking Club ended as our Kitchen locations re-opened but the free videos live on.

We’ve love seeing what you create and look forward to seeing more at-home cooking adventures! Share pictures of your at-home culinary adventures. Food is love, so let’s love each other by spending time together connecting in the heart of your home, the kitchen!