Frequently Asked Questions

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General Kitchen Questions

What is Taste Buds Kitchen?

We’re glad you asked. Taste Buds Kitchen is a Kids Kitchen by day and an Adult BYOB Kitchen by night. You join us for an entertaining class, camp, party or special event where you create a culinary masterpiece and memories with your friends and families. We love cooking with kids, families and adults, ages 2 to 99. As a national franchise brand, we also offer prospective new owners the opportunity to open their own kitchen. Taste Buds Kitchen is truly the place to Learn. Laugh. Cook.

How do I open my own Kitchen?

Great question! If you are interested, we’d love to speak with you about our recipe for success for new Kitchen Owners. Check out our Franchise page to learn more.

What hours is TBK open?

We host events 7 days a week. Our office is open during normal business hours Monday to Friday. Visit our locations page to see the specific event schedule and office hours for your nearest Kitchen.

What ages do you cater to?

2 to 99 – literally!

Is Taste Buds Kitchen a nut-free Kitchen?

Taste Buds Kitchen is a nut-free kitchen. We do not cook with any peanuts or tree nuts or allow them into our kitchen. We do not use the nuts themselves, nut butters, oils or flour, or items containing the whole nuts. However, we do not guarantee that all of our ingredients are produced in a nut-free facility. Additionally, we occasionally host events at venues that may not be nut-free. We will make every attempt to accommodate children with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Please contact us to discuss your specific allergy so that we can find a class that’s right for you.

Do you accomodate other food allergies?

We will make every attempt to accommodate clients with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Please always call us in advance to discuss your specific allergy so that we can find a menu that’s right for you! If we are not informed until the day of the event, we are not able to make substitutions.

Do I need to be an aspiring chef to attend an event?

Not at all! During our events, we’ll help you discover your inner budding chef 🙂 Our talented chef instructors will guide you step-by-step through the featured menu and will ensure you stay on track to completing your very own culinary masterpiece.

How do I sign up for a class/camp?

It’s as easy as clicking on Locations at the top of the screen, select your location, browse the class schedule and click register. We have an online registration system that accepts registration 24/7. If you are able to register, we have space available and would love to have you! Contact your local Kitchen if you have trouble completing your registration and we’d be happy to take your registration over the phone.

What days are classes/camps held?

Classes can be held any day of the week! Visit your nearest Locations event schedule for upcoming dates/times.

Do I need to sign a waiver before participating in an event?

You do indeed! Your participation is subject to your execution of our Consent Waiver & Release Agreement, a copy of which can be downloaded here. Clients under the age of 18 must have this form signed by their parent or legal guardian. In order to save time when you arrive, please bring your completed Consent Form with you on the first day of your event. If you do not bring this Consent Form, you must sign on premise before the event. Any clients without a signed Consent Form will not be able to participate.

Will I have my own cooking station?

All of our events are hands-on! Clients work together in teams of 4 to 6 for adults and 4 to 8 for children to create our culinary masterpiece. If you’re coming solo or with a plus one, get ready to meet some great new friends. If you’ve registered together with friends, we suggest arriving a few minutes early (no more than 10 minutes) if you’d like to be at the same table.

Will I eat during my event?

Absolutely! Savoring together is one of the best parts. Clients are encouraged to enjoy the foods that we prepared. We will pack up any leftovers to take home.


What should I bring with me?

Just your smiling face and willingness to delve into all things tasty! We will have aprons for you to wear with the right tools and the freshest ingredients.


What time should I arrive?

We will open our doors 5 to 10 minutes before class to begin checking in and welcoming you to our Kitchen. We’ll start promptly so be sure to arrive on-time to ensure that you are able to get the full experience from start to finish. We are not able to accept late arrivals after the class has started.

For private events, if you have any items to set up we ask that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the party.

Do you offer BYOB?

Many of our Kitchens offer BYOB but please check with your nearest location to confirm. For all BYOB Kitchens, most adult classes and adult/family events are BYOB which means you can bring your own beer, wine or bubbly. No liquor please. We’ll have glasses and openers waiting for you!

Will I get the recipes at my event?

We want the fun to continue at home once you leave our kitchen. Most of our events include recipes for you to take home. If your event does not and you’d like them, just ask!

How do I reserve a date/time for my private event?

To reserve your date, you will be charged for a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due the day of the event. Once the deposit is paid, you are locked in for your requested date and time. All event details are to be finalized 7 days before your party.

Can I bring outside food for my private event?

Yes, we do allow our clients to bring in outside food for parties so long as they do not contain NUTS. A nominal charge will apply and means we’ll take care of the set-up and maintenance. BYOB is available and is free of charge.

Should I tip your party staff?

If you feel you have had excellent service from our crew, tips are always appreciated! Cash tips are preferred.

How do I apply to work at TBK?

Want to join our team? We want to work with the best so if that’s you and you want to get involved in an exciting and growing company and industry, learn more and apply here. Just to warn you, smiling is a pre-requisite.

Does Taste Buds Kitchen host fundraisers?

Yes, we love hosting Cooking for a Cause Parties! TBK is proud to partner with local non-profit organizations and charities that help our communities. If you are interested in learning more about our fundraisers, please contact your nearest location. All you have to do is get your friends, family or coworkers together and come ready for some culinary fun and a great time!

Will your Kitchen donate to our cause?

Taste Buds Kitchen takes pride in helping the community with as much as we can. If your event would like to have Taste Buds Kitchen donate a gift card, please contact us and someone will be able to help you. If you are looking for our participation in a charity event, fill out the request form here.

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