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Our Kitchen caters to all chefs, large or small, and is always active with opportunities to break into the culinary scene!


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Thousands of happy chefs of all ages can't be wrong. We provide the best cooking classes for kids, families & adults.

One of the most fun activities I’ve done in years! The staff were friendly, helpful, and on top of things! I met some fun people too. I will be here all the time!…
Amazing time, delicious food, and a great place to learn. Plan on bringing even more friends to take another class!…
I highly recommend this experience! Taste Buds Kitchen is a 'go to' for me and my daughter. We absolutely love cooking with their Chef Instructors because they are knowledgable, pa…
Thank you for this! I just wanted to say that I was amazed at how much was covered each day and the bakery-quality of the recipes. The kids really loved the instruction and learned…