Meet Eliza and Tory

Eliza and Tory were our very first Cupcake Kids, and they’ve become one amazing cooking team! Whether they’re mixing, baking, or stirring up trouble this sisterly duo can really call the shots in the kitchen. 5-year-old Eliza loves to show her little sister, Tory, all her favorite cooking tricks, and both girls love learning new techniques in the kitchen. What next for these budding chefs? After Eliza joined us for a special Gingerbread Cookie & House decorating TV segment on FOX 5, we predict a food network show in Tory and Eliza’s future. In between their culinary adventures, Eliza and Tory love singing, dancing, swimming and playing with little sister Kate.

Name: Eliza & Tory
Age: 5 & 3 years
Neighborhood: West Village, NYC
Favorite Food: Rice, Lentils, Corn, Broccoli, Pasta
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Whisk & Piping Bag

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