Meringue Cookies are light, fluffy clouds of crunchy sweet cookie that dissolve when you bite into them.  Rumor has it that Meringue Cookies are tricky to make – and Taste Buds Kitchen was up to the challenge.  How can we make this delicious recipe easy for kids and adults for our cooking classes, birthday parties and summer cooking camps?!  Well, we’ve figured it out and are happy to share our tips and tricks with you so you can make Meringue Cookies at home too!

Meringue Cookies Instructions

  1. The first step is how to crack and separate eggs – The main ingredient in Meringue Cookies are egg whites, if there is any yolk in the egg white they will not whip up light and fluffy.  To easily crack and separate eggs first get 3 bowls set up (1 for yolks, 1 for whites and 1 for shells) then gently knock your egg on the flat surface of a table – over one of the bowls gently spread shell apart leaning more towards one side to catch the yolk.  Transfer yolk back and forth from shells until all white has fallen out (be careful not to transfer too many times so the yolk doesn’t get punctured and fall into the whites).
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  3. Once all egg whites are collected – the main part of this recipe is beating them until they are soft and fluffy creating that cloud like consistency that we all love.  It is possible to whisk by hand BUT we love using our KitchenAid Hand Mixer to do all the work for us.
  4. Before adding in any ingredients, whip the eggs until they are bubbly and foamy, once you see bubbles, add the cream of tartar to help stabilize egg whites and increase their heat tolerance and volume.  Keep whisking until soft peaks form in the egg whites.
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  6. Once egg whites are stable enough, begin adding the sugar a couple tablespoons at a time, whipping constantly in between each spoonful – add your salt and keep whipping until stiff peaks form.  The texture will begin to look glossy and sticky and peaks will be stiff.  The best way to test if your merengue is ready is to hold your bowl over your chef’s head upside down!  Now is when you can add your colors, mix-ins or flavors to your batter – or keep it classic.
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  8. In order to form pretty Meringue shapes scoop batter into piping bag fitted with a star tip (the best way to fill a piping bag with little mess is to fold over the outside edge first to prevent batter from collecting on it).
  9. We like to pipe our Meringue Cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet sprinkled with sprinkles (it adds a festive touch).  They don’t spread very much at all so cookies can be piped pretty close together.
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  11. Bake low and slow for 1 hour on 250°, turn oven off and let them sit and dry in the oven for another hour until hard.  Meringue Cookies last in an airtight sealed bag for about 1 week.  Enjoy!
  12. Taste Buds Kitchen Meringue Cookies

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