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Junior Chef of the Month: Mia

a little girl sitting on a table

TBK North Andover is so pleased to award Mia with our Chef of the Month honor for October. Mia started her career as a TasteBuddy in Mommy + Me workshops and quickly graduated to semester classes! This Fall she’s busy cooking her way Around the World with her Dad as her trusty traveling companion.  Mia is always up for trying new things and is a very enthusiastic budding chef!  Congratulations Mia, we can’t see what you cook up next!

Meet Mia

  • Age: 3.5 (I will be 4 in 9 weeks!)
  • Neighborhood: Andover-Red Spring Road
  • First Culinary Creation: Christmas Cookies
  • Favorite Recipe: Cupcakes
  • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Spoon to mix with
  • Favorite Cooking Fact: Eggs come from chickens!
  • Wants to Cook Next: Christmas Cupcakes

Her response to hearing that they’ve been select as Taste Buds’ “Chef of the Month”: “Cool! What do I get to cook?”