Our budding chefs had a total blast celebrating the release of the Emoji Movie!

It was an honor to design a custom cupcake class for the launch of the Emoji Movie this summer. Check-out the pictures of our chefs in action and the recipe to our oh-so-yummy Emoji Cupcakes. We promise, your kids will love them!

Emoji Cupcakes
Prep Time
Cook Time
Makes12 cupcakes
12 white or yellow cucpakes
1 1/2 C white buttercream frosting
2 oz yellow fondant
1/2 oz red fondant
1/2 oz white fondant
1/2 oz black fondant
1/2 oz pink fondant
black gel pen

Frost the cooled cupcake with white buttercream frosting.


Roll and cut yellow fondant into 2” circles. Let fondant dry for 5 minutes so that it is easier to work with and then place the yellow circle on top of your buttercream frosting on the cupcake.


Roll out and cut red fondant into mini hearts.


Hand form eyes, mouths and tongues out of the black, white and pink fondant.


Use the black gel pen for the eye pupil.


Kids can get creative and have fun with these emojis. Enjoy!

Begin your culinary adventure with us today!