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Junior Chef of the Month: Susie

a person holding an umbrella

We are very excited to have Susie as our first Chef of the Month for 2015.  She is a long-time TBK camper and Chef-in-Training, a certified chocolate lover, and has a warm personality that always brightens our day.

    • Age: 9
    • Neighborhood: The Upper East Side
    • First Culinary Creation: Chocolate Pasta at Taste Buds Kitchen
    • Favorite recipe: Gingerbread Cookies
  • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Whisk
  • Favorite Cooking Fact: When you use dough, turn on the AC so it doesn’t melt.
  • Favorite Thing About TBK: “I get to cook!”
  • Wants to Cook Next: A big ginormous wedding cake.  She went to a wedding when she was very little.

Her response to hearing she has been selected as Chef of the Month: “I’m excited!”