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Meet Samantha

Taste Buds Kitchen cupcake stickers

Our August Chef of the Month is Samantha! Samantha has attended several of our camps this summer and has cooked everything from rainbow cupcakes to chocolate pizza. We love having Samantha in our camps because she is always enthusiastic and eager to cook and try new recipes. She is also a great helper with kitchen clean-up. Samantha has thoroughly enjoyed camp this summer; not only has she learned various new recipes, but she has also made many new friends with her Taste Buddies.

Samantha has enjoyed cooking at home and at the Taste Buds kitchen very much. She has even been inspired to create her own recipes. One of the things she has learned at Taste Buds is that if something does not sound good, it will be good. Moreover, if a dish sounds good, it will be good! Samantha’s favorite aspect about cooking is that she gets to eat what she makes.

Age: 9
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Cheese grater, Whisk