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The Gift that Never Stops Giving!

a woman standing in front of a plate of food

‘Tis the Season to begin shopping and planning for the holidays.  Are you wondering what to give the child who has everything?  Believe us, mom and dad don’t want to pick up anymore toys, keep track of anymore accessories or hear “I’m bored” two weeks after the hype has worn off.  With a gift of cooking classes, the fun and learning continues week after week and the knowledge lasts a lifetime!  Not only is cooking a great skill to learn early in life, it’s a great way to bring the family together with love, laughter and shared responsibility.  Kids love to cook and eat! Even our pickiest chefs learn to try and enjoy new ingredients when cooking with their peers and professional chef instructors.  You’ll be surprised!  Here are a few of our favorite reasons why our Budding Chefs at Taste Buds Kitchen are thriving at home, in the academic classroom, learning life skills and having a fun time too!

Reading: Beginning with pictures of ingredients and simple steps 1, 2, 3 to being able to read and follow a full recipe are excellent ways to encourage reading with a sweet (or savory) reward!

Math: Want more cookies? Yes, please! Double the recipe by using multiplication or addition to have enough to share with friends and family. Older kids enjoy estimating how to slice the right size and use of fractions to modify recipes and be creative.

Science: Ingredients work together in a magical way to create some of the most delicious foods we all enjoy.  Learning how science plays a part through reactions and experiments is some of the most delicious fun kids have in the kitchen.

Fine Motor Skills & Strength:  Whisking, kneading, rolling and cutting are a few examples of kitchen skills that require both hand-eye coordination and muscle strength.

Emotional Development: Cooking is a wonderful lesson in giving and receiving, teamwork and communication.  Kids love to show and share what they’ve made which builds self-confidence and independence.

Ready to get started?! Sign up for a Taste Buds Kitchen cooking class today or purchase a gift card for your favorite budding chef.

–Eden Bullock, Owner, TBK Southlake