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Junior Chef of the Month: Lauren

a young girl sitting on a table

Our Junior Chef of the Month

Lauren has been cooking with us weekly in our NYC Kitchen as a part of our Summer Cooking Camps.  She is so full of knowledge and super helpful with her fellow campers with the recipes.  Lauren gets very creative in the kitchen and gets adventurous trying new flavors and ingredients. We love having Lauren as a part of our Taste Buds Kitchen community!

Meet Lauren

  • Age: 11 Years
  • Neighborhood: New York City
  • First Culinary Creation: Sautéed peppers in a Balsamic Marinade
  • Favorite Recipe: Potatoes in Indian Spiced Coconut Milk
  • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Spatula
  • Favorite Cooking Fact:  Sugar is a wet ingredient
  • Wants to Cook Next: Homemade Whole-Wheat Pasta
Her response to hearing that she’s been select as our Chef of the Month:

“I am so excited and thrilled to be selected!  I love to cook in all sorts of ways and Taste Buds Kitchen is an amazing way for me to do that!”