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Meet Carrie

Meet Carrie – our April Chef of the Month! Carrie was one of our very first chefs back in 2008 and she has really developed into a cupcake connoisseur, attending many of our Cupcake Challenge classes where she decorates with the pros. And in super cool, news Carrie’s new book, Peace, Love and Cupcakes: The Cupcake Club, written along with her mom, will be released this month on April 3rd. We are thrilled to have worked with Carrie as her recipe developer so be sure to check out Taste Buds Kitchen’s yummy cupcake recipes at the end of the book!  Order the book at Amazon today. And be sure to check out Carrie’s website.

Age: 9
Upper East Side
First Culinary Creation:
A vanilla cupcake with rainbow sprinkles
Favorite Recipe:
“Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe from my new book series, Peace, Love and Cupcakes: The Cupcake Club. Jessi from Taste Buds created the recipe for the book, and this one is so yummy! It has a maple cream cheese frosting which is really unique!”
Favorite Kitchen Utensil:
My red KitchenAid® Mixer
Favorite Cooking Fact:
Cupcakes used to be baked in teacups.
Wants to Cook Next:
Passover macaroons…dipped in chocolate!
Carrie’s quote in response to hearing that she’s been selected as Taste Buds’ “Chef of the Month”: