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Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie, a weekly Taste Buds Kitchen chef.  Charlie is always so enthusiastic about coming to cooking class and trying new ingredients.  For Halloween, Charlie dressed up as Mario Batali (right down to the orange crocs!).  Charlie loves to make different salads.  He loves lots of different rice and grain dishes, picking different fruits and vegetables to go with them.

When he is not cooking he always is pretending to cook.  He “cooks Soup” with sand on the playground and at the beach.  He stirs the “soup” in the bathtub.  And he mixes all the condiments and liquids on the table or counter into a homemade soup “mixture.”  He is very creative, dipping everything into different sauces to “see how they taste”  He is a great experimenter.

Age: 3.5
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
First Culinary Creation: Pancakes on Sunday morning with his dad.
Favorite Recipe: Pancakes “tacos” with bacon or sausage and syrup
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Whisk