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How to Store Fresh Ginger

fresh ginger

At Taste Buds Kitchen, fresh ginger is one of our favorite ingredients and we use it often.  Ginger is a flavorful addition to both sweet and savory recipes from our Veggie Dumplings – a favorite in our Adult BYOB Sushi & Dumplings Class – to our Honey Soy Dipping Sauce in our Kids Summer Camps and Around the World Cooking Parties.

Ginger has many health benefits and is most commonly known to ease digestion and nausea. It is a great ingredient to keep stocked in your Kitchen but as always fresh is best! Want to know our trick?

When buying fresh ginger at the grocery store, you always want to look for the freshest piece that feels firm to the touch and the ends are not dried out or shriveled. Because fresh ginger comes in a different shape and size every time, it is almost always that you will have a piece leftover from your recipe.  Here at Taste Buds Kitchen we found a great way to store leftover ginger so it stays fresh and is easy to pull out and use anytime.

Ginger Storage

    1. Peel the skin off of the ginger – this will make it easier to pop out and use quickly for any recipe.  We like to use a spoon to peel our ginger, the skin is a thin paper layer that comes off easier by being scraped with the side of a spoon.
    2. Cut the peeled ginger into coins, about a tablespoon size piece each, this makes its easy to pull out just the amount you need for each recipe.
    3. Store the ginger in a labeled ziplock bag in the freezer, ginger should last up to 3 months in the freezer and remain fresh.
    4. When ready to use, pull out one piece at a time.  Ginger is easier to grate while it is frozen as the fibers can be tough when it defrosts.
    5. Each piece of ginger should make about 1 tablespoon of finely grated ginger.  It will defrost quickly once grated and can be used immediately.