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    Taste Buds Kitchen is coming to Texas! We are thrilled to announce that TBK Southlake Texas will be opening in January 2015 with a full line-up of Workshops, School-Holiday Camps, and Adult BYOB Workshops. The schedule of events will be released very soon and open for registration.

    Call 817-470-2451 today to book a private event for January and beyond. Celebrate your upcoming Cooking BIrthday Party, Private Lesson, Group Field Trip, Corporate Team Building, Adult Party and more in culinary style in our custom designed Kids Kitchen by day and BYOB Adults Kitchen by night.

    Email southlake@tastebudskitchen.com to receive an email when online registration is open and to stay posted on all news and updates related to TBK Southlake. Let’s get cooking!

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Kitchen Buzz

  1. SuperFoodie: Mini Broccoli Cheddar Quiche


    This week’s super food is broccoli!  We are making a tried and true Taste Buds Kitchen recipe: Mini Broccoli Cheddar Quiche.  These little bites are a taste bud’s dream come true.  And our super food broccoli is not complaining!  We love broccoli for they way it helps our bodies be SUPER!

    For the recipe to our “Mini Quiche” click here!



  2. SuperFoodie: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pita Chips


    This week we are amping up our muscles by feeding them more protein with chickpeas!  Chickpeas are a good source of protein, and when we combine them with whole grain home-made pita chips, they provide the perfect amount of protein.  That means our muscles are simply getting stronger and stronger, helping us be faster and faster! We’re going to be whipping our chickpeas into a tasty hummus that is flavored with red peppers that we’ll roast ourselves and then pairing it with some home-made pita chips.  Hmm.  I’m sold!

    For the recipe to our “Basic Hummus” click here!



  3. SuperFoodie: Blackberry Crumb Bars


    This week’s super food is the dark horse of super foods.  Literally: the dark blue color is what qualifies it to be in the category in the first place!  Meet the Blackberry!  Blackberries (actully just a crazy dark blue, not black) are jam packed with antioxidants that are like  itty-bitty soldiers out to defend your body from bad guys like cancer, disease and even depression.  Its true! Making friends with blackberries can help you be super happy.  Wahoo!  Not to mention that this recipe itself is happiness in baking sheet.  Yummers.

    For the recipe to our “Blackberry Crumb Bars” click here!



  4. SuperFoodie: Edamame Dumplings


    Edamame!  This week are making delicious dumplings with our super food.  Edamame refers to soybeans that are harvested at just the right time: when they’ve grown enough to be edible while still being immature and green.  This recipe is a fun and delicious way to practice the fine-motor skills required for pinching the dumpling closed!  Plus, you can dream up any veggie that you love and chances are it would go perfectly in this recipe.  We started with our basic recipe and made it Ed-amazing!

    For the recipe to our “Basic Veggie Dumpling” click here!



  5. SuperFoodie: Banana Pudding


    We made a perfect sweet dish this week: Banana Pudding, inspired by Magnolia Bakery!  Our super food, Bananas, were just as amazing as the recipe – the potassium found in bananas promotes bone health – so eat bananas and your bones won’t disappear!  Oh, and check it out…we made our own wafers!  I’m a little bit geeking out about this week.?

    For the recipe to our “Banana Pudding” click here!



  6. SuperFoodie: Asparagus in a Blanket


    Our recipe this week are Asparagus in a Blanket!  Our super food, Asparagus, is loaded with nutrients that help keep our blood free from harmful things that slow it down and keep it  racing all throughout our bodies.  So rather than making our bodies super fast, they make our BLOOD super fast!  Cool, cool, cool.  And paired with these lovely buttery blankets, our asparagus are super tasty to our taste buds!

    For the recipe to our “Asparagus in a Blanket” click here!



  7. SuperFoodie: Sweet Potater-Tots


    I’m sure you’ve had potatoes, but have you had a ‘sweet’ potato?  We are so excited to be cooking with this delicious super food this week, making us Super Happy!  We’re getting up to our elbows with this one, transforming this super vegetable into delicious Sweet Potater-Tots!  Wanna try?

    For the recipe to our “Sweet Potater-Tots” click here!



  8. SuperFoodie: Fruit Pizza


    Talk about a twist!  We took the concept of pizza and turned it on its head this week by choosing sweet and creamy sauce and fresh, fruity toppings.  This week we were celebrating all our super “fruits” of the semester so far to include strawberries, kiwi and oranges, but we also introduced our budding chefs to papaya!  Our work in the kitchen this week has got the wheels in our heads turning as we dream up even more pizza varieties.  What can you come up with?

    For the recipe to our “Fruit Pizza” click here!



  9. SuperFoodie: Lasagna Bites


    Tomatoes.  Pomodori.  Kamatis.  No matter what you call them, these little fruits are super in all their varieties.  We tried a couple different kinds this week while making our Lasagna Bites.  This recipe was really fun, as it can be done so many different ways: roll up your noodles with tomatoes and ricotta inside and you’ve got yourself a roll-up; cut the noodles in shapes and layer them in a cupcake tin for cupcakes.  Either way, they turn out delicious!  Try some yourself!

    For the recipe to our “Lasagna Bites” click here!



  10. Chef of the Month


    Our April Junior Chef of the Month is Sabine!  Sabine cooks with us in one of our after school clubs and was chosen because she is an amazing budding chef who loves to cook.

    • First Culinary Creation: I can’t remember!
    • Favorite Recipe: Sushi, me and my mom make the sushi. My mom takes care of the seaweed and I help with the rest.
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: A fork!   Because I can use it to eat and I like to eat pasta a lot.
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: The Taste Buds rule that you should never touch your mouth while making food because you will get everyone sick!
    • Wants to cook next:  There are so many things! I want to make a savory cake with spinach, broccoli, and seaweed!
    • Child’s quote in response to hearing that they’ve been select as Taste Buds’ “Junior Chef of the Month”:
      “Yaaaay!!!”  (And then she leaned in close and whispered in my ear “And I wont tell anybody!”)

    Thank you, Sabine, for bringing your amazing talent to our Taste Buds Kitchen cooking classes!

    Sabine’s instructor is the April Teacher of the Month: Chef Cait!  Cait teaches everything from after school cooking classes to adult cooking classes in the evenings.

    • First Culinary Creation: I think the first thing I learned how to make besides chocolate chip cookies was scrambled eggs
    • Favorite Recipe: Such a hard question because I have so many, so I am going to give two answers. One being the thing I make most often which is pizza, homemade dough and all sorts of different toppings, and then my favorite comfort food that I make when I am sick or having a bad day is Potato Soup.
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: I think I will have to go with a whisk.
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: I love that baking is chemistry, everything must be measured correctly and must also be the same temperature for the desired result.
    • Wants to cook next:  My next recipe to tackle and perfect is the amazing Pastry called a lobster tail!

    Thanks, Cait, for your incredibly delicious talents!

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