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  1. SuperFoodie: Sweet Potater-Tots


    I’m sure you’ve had potatoes, but have you had a ‘sweet’ potato?  We are so excited to be cooking with this delicious super food this week, making us Super Happy!  We’re getting up to our elbows with this one, transforming this super vegetable into delicious Sweet Potater-Tots!  Wanna try?

    For the recipe to our “Sweet Potater-Tots” click here!



  2. SuperFoodie: Fruit Pizza


    Talk about a twist!  We took the concept of pizza and turned it on its head this week by choosing sweet and creamy sauce and fresh, fruity toppings.  This week we were celebrating all our super “fruits” of the semester so far to include strawberries, kiwi and oranges, but we also introduced our budding chefs to papaya!  Our work in the kitchen this week has got the wheels in our heads turning as we dream up even more pizza varieties.  What can you come up with?

    For the recipe to our “Fruit Pizza” click here!



  3. SuperFoodie: Lasagna Bites


    Tomatoes.  Pomodori.  Kamatis.  No matter what you call them, these little fruits are super in all their varieties.  We tried a couple different kinds this week while making our Lasagna Bites.  This recipe was really fun, as it can be done so many different ways: roll up your noodles with tomatoes and ricotta inside and you’ve got yourself a roll-up; cut the noodles in shapes and layer them in a cupcake tin for cupcakes.  Either way, they turn out delicious!  Try some yourself!

    For the recipe to our “Lasagna Bites” click here!



  4. Chef of the Month


    Our April Junior Chef of the Month is Sabine!  Sabine cooks with us in one of our after school clubs and was chosen because she is an amazing budding chef who loves to cook.

    • First Culinary Creation: I can’t remember!
    • Favorite Recipe: Sushi, me and my mom make the sushi. My mom takes care of the seaweed and I help with the rest.
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: A fork!   Because I can use it to eat and I like to eat pasta a lot.
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: The Taste Buds rule that you should never touch your mouth while making food because you will get everyone sick!
    • Wants to cook next:  There are so many things! I want to make a savory cake with spinach, broccoli, and seaweed!
    • Child’s quote in response to hearing that they’ve been select as Taste Buds’ “Junior Chef of the Month”:
      “Yaaaay!!!”  (And then she leaned in close and whispered in my ear “And I wont tell anybody!”)

    Thank you, Sabine, for bringing your amazing talent to our Taste Buds Kitchen cooking classes!

    Sabine’s instructor is the April Teacher of the Month: Chef Cait!  Cait teaches everything from after school cooking classes to adult cooking classes in the evenings.

    • First Culinary Creation: I think the first thing I learned how to make besides chocolate chip cookies was scrambled eggs
    • Favorite Recipe: Such a hard question because I have so many, so I am going to give two answers. One being the thing I make most often which is pizza, homemade dough and all sorts of different toppings, and then my favorite comfort food that I make when I am sick or having a bad day is Potato Soup.
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: I think I will have to go with a whisk.
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: I love that baking is chemistry, everything must be measured correctly and must also be the same temperature for the desired result.
    • Wants to cook next:  My next recipe to tackle and perfect is the amazing Pastry called a lobster tail!

    Thanks, Cait, for your incredibly delicious talents!

  5. SuperFoodie: Apple Cupcakes


    You know you’ve heard it: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!  Well we studied it out and the verdict is in: TRUE!  Apples are an amazing super food that brings super powers to help nearly every part of your body, right down to your fingernails.  Sure, this week’s recipe isn’t quite as great as just chomping into a crisp one, but these sweet little apple bites are packed with our super fruit, and they’re darling too!!!

    For the recipe to our “Apple Cupcakes” click here!



  6. SuperFoodie: Carrot and Spinach Crackers


    Have you ever been munching on some deliciously crunchy crackers and thought, “I’ve got to figure out how to make these?”  Well, we did and it was easy.  We shredded fresh crispy carrots and morphed them into these lip-smacking crunchers.  But we didn’t stop there!  We decided to call in spinach, one of our favorite super foods, and see how it held up.  One word: SUPER!  This week we’ll be exploding with flavor in our SuperFoodie after school cooking clubs.

    For the recipe to our “Cheesy Carrot Crackers” click here!



  7. Chef of the Month


    Our March Junior Chef of the Month is Sammy!  Sammy is a budding chef in one of our after school clubs and was chosen because he is so animated, inquisitive and open-minded.  Plus, he is such an adventurous eater!

    • First Culinary Creation: Ribs!  They’re my favorite food.  I like when they’re nice and juicy.
    • Favorite Recipe: My favorite recipe is the pumpkin macaroni and cheese that we made in class.
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: My favorite cooking utensil is a spoon because you can use it to eat so many things.
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: Dark chocolate is good for your heart.
    • Wants to cook next:  I want to make fried chicken next!
    • Child’s quote in response to hearing that they’ve been select as Taste Buds’ “Junior Chef of the Month”:
      I’m excited to be chosen as Junior Chef of the Month because that means I’m the chosen one.  And I like cooking because I LOVE eating!  Also, people who don’t like ribs: I know where you live.”

    Thank you, Sammy, for bringing your amazing talent to our Taste Buds Kitchen After School clubs!

    Sammy’s instructor is the February Teacher of the Month: Chef Priscilla!  Priscilla teaches everything from cooking camps to after school cooking classes.

    • First Culinary Creation: My mom bought me a picture book about how to make chocolate chip cookies. This is my first memory of cooking-making chocolate chip cookies!
    • Favorite Recipe: My favorite recipe is shakshuka.  It definitely takes a lot of prep but it’s so worth it!
    • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: My favorite cooking utensil is my chef’s knife because I use it all the time and for everything!  I like my microplane too :)
    • Favorite Cooking Fact: Using coffee or espresso in recipes that include chocolate enhances the chocolate flavor.  Oh yes!
    • Wants to cook next:  My sister bought me an ice cream maker last year and I haven’t used it in a few months so I think I’ll make a new ice cream soon.
    • Teacher’s quote in response to hearing that they’ve been select as Taste Buds’ “Teacher of the Month”: Wow!
    • Thanks!  I love cooking at home so being able to share this with our budding chefs is really fun.  It’s rewarding to see them grow as cooks and try new things.

    Thanks, Priscilla, for bringing your delicious talents to the TBK table!  Can’t wait to see what you cook next!

  8. SuperFoodie: Irish Soda Bread


    We’re feeling lucky around here as March heats up.  True, its still bitter cold out, but we’re warming up the kitchen with our twist on this traditional Irish staple by adding a sneaky super food: wheat germ!  Wheat germ contains tons of minerals that help our body when it needs to repair itself and keep us healthy.

    For the recipe to our “Irish Soda Bread” click here!



  9. SuperFoodie: Chocolate Zucchini Cookies


    If these super cookies don’t get you with their tantalizing smell as they are baking in the the oven, then they’ll for sure hook you when you sink your teeth into their deliciously chewy and oh-so-chocolatey goodness.  This week we put our super food zucchini to work for us to make these cookies be both healthy and gooey at the same time!

    For the recipe to our “Chocolate Zucchini Cookies” click here!



  10. SuperFoodie: Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheese


    This week we put a delicious spin on a tried-and-true-favorite: macaroni and cheese!  We took all the things that are so tempting and tasty about this classic dish and we sent it to the moon by adding a savory super food: pumpkin!  So yummy.

    For the recipe to our “Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheese” click here!



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