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100,000 Cupcakes

a cake made to look like a face

We’re celebrating our 100 thousandth cupcake!

Since our founding in 2007, Taste Buds Kitchen has been entertaining and delighting chefs of all ages in our Kitchens across the country. We love sharing memories and good food with our clients – indulging in a savory mushroom pan sauce overtop juicy seared chicken breasts or the sweet cream filling of our traditional cannoli rolls. We cannot deny, however, that decorating (and eating!) cupcakes is one of our all-time favorite things to do.

Recently, we reached a milestone worth celebrating and sharing with all of you – our clients have decorated 100,000 cupcakes at Taste Buds Kitchens nationwide. What could be better than all of those smiling faces enjoying a freshly baked and decorated cupcake? We can’t think of much…

Want to join in the celebration? Just #tastebudskitchen on Instagram along with a picture of you eating your favorite cupcake!

Take a peak at a few of our favorites