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Franchisee of the Year

a person posing for the camera

We are thrilled to highlight Ann Wiard as our Franchisee of the Year.

We are thrilled to awarded Ann Wiard, who owns Taste Buds Kitchen in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, as our Franchisees of the Year. Ann is a community leader, wife and mother who sets a wonderful example of how to run a thriving business. With a sincere passion for her community and a love of all things culinary entertainment, Ann strives to provide all of her clients with an experience they will enjoy and want to come back to again and again. Since the moment she opened her doors the community reception has been amazing!

“The community showed support for our business right away. Everyone was talking about us! Clients love the business, from the recipes to the structure of the events.

If you live near her Kitchen in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, be sure to check-out the wonderful line-up of cooking classes, camp and parties for ages 2-99. Ann, along with her crew, have inspired over 19,000 new chefs and has hosted over 1700 events all with 5-star reviews.

a woman standing in front of a buildingAnn on opening day for Taste Buds Kitchen East Greenwich, RI

How it all began

After spending 10+ years as the Executive Director of a soup kitchen, Ann felt it was time for a change. She wanted the opportunity to own her own business while still being able to stay connected to the community.

Ann was planning to visit her nephew who really liked cooking shows like Master Chef Jr.. She started searching for cooking classes they could do together during their visit as a bonding experience and came across Taste Buds Kitchen. Although there was no Taste Buds Kitchen in her area, she quickly realized this was the type of business she was looking for and dove in head first.

After contacting the Taste Buds Kitchen team and speaking with other franchise owners it was apparent to her that Taste Buds Kitchen was the business she was looking. Ann began her journey with Taste Buds Kitchen in June 2018.

“After speaking with the Taste Buds team, I quickly understood the support within the company. It was apparent that the fellow owners offered each other support along with HQ. My favorite part is the people behind the company.”

Building her business & raising the next generation

Ann opened her Kitchen doors in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on May 17, 2019. Now running a successful business, being a community leader, wife and mother of a toddler – she says she has a successful business she can be proud of.

“I’m constantly saying that as a mother of a toddler, I am so lucky to be a business owner. I can have a wildly successful business while also having time to be a great mother. This comes back to the fact that I am not alone as a business owner. I am supported and have the tools I need. I have a business that I can be proud of. “

My son loves food as much as my husband and I do so when he really likes something he gets really excited and starts laughing.

a boy and a girl sitting on a tableAnn with her son creating memories with food

a group of people posing for the camera

Ann & her husband Wayne announcing a TBK baby is on the way!

Kayla Kniep et al. sitting on a bench posing for the camera

Ann’s team throwing her a surprise baby shower

What does the future hold?

Ann reached her sales goal for the year in November and is happy to be working towards her stretch goal to make it happen. What does the future hold? There is always the possibility of a second location!

Kindness matters

On top of running a very successful kitchen, Ann is one of the nicest of people you could meet. Ann is always one to support others around her and gives back to her community. We are thankful for her and look forward to working closely with her for many years to come!

a woman standing in front of a shelf

Advice for future kitchen owners

Ann shares, The business model works, but you must also be prepared to put your heart and soul into the business as well. The clients will recognize that. Taste Buds was the right decision for me. I am proud of my business and my team!”