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At Taste Buds Kitchen we love all things kids, families and food! Stay up to date with our latest happenings,
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Chef of the Month: Charlie

a boy sitting at a table with a plate of food

Congrats to Charlie for being our January Chef of the Month!  Charlie has been coming to Taste Buds Kitchen for weekly private cooking lessons since September.  Charlie is one of Taste Buds Kitchen’s most advanced child chefs, creating delicious dishes like Handmade Pasta, Risotto, Chocolate Soufflé, Crab Cakes and Creme Brule!  Whenever Charlie is in the kitchen for his private cooking lessons the whole kitchen smells wonderful.  Thank goodness Charlie always shares his creations with the mouth watering office staff!

  • Age: 11
  • Neighborhood: Upper East Side
  • First Culinary Creation: Scrambled Eggs
  • Favorite Recipe: Cinnamon Buttons
  • Favorite Kitchen Tool: Egg Separator
  • Favorite Cooking Fact: There are lots of different kinds of salts!
  • Wants to cook next:  Popovers!

Thank you, Charlie, for bringing your amazing talent to Taste Buds Kitchen!