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Teacher of the Month: Chef Caroline

Congrats to Caroline English for being our December Teacher of the Month!  Caroline teaches after-school classes all throughout the city and rocks it!

  • Favorite Recipe to Teach: Quiche! There are so many fun variations of it and kids are always surprised that they love it in the end!
  • First Culinary Creation: Probably fudge with my mom. We got into the bad habit of making it every Sunday!
  • Most impressive Culinary Creation: It doesn’t look impressive, but Marcella Hazan’s minestrone soup is what I make when I want to impress.
  • Favorite Kitchen Tool: Microplane… I probably use it every day to zest lemons or grate cheese.
  • Favorite Cooking Fact: That yeast is alive! That always spooks the younger chefs!
  • Wants to cook next: This recipe for cookies a friend just sent me. I hear they’re really good!

Thank you Caroline, for bringing your amazingness to Taste Buds Kitchen!