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Meet Elysian

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This December, our Chef of the Month is 4 1/4 year old Elysian! As one of our semester weekly class students, Elysian joins us each Thursday afternoon for a culinary adventure. He is very talented in the kitchen and we love cooking with him. At home, he also loves to help out with meals, from mixing and measuring, to getting items from the fridge and helping to set the table.
When hes not cooking, Elysian can be found drawing, watching Handy Manny in Spanish (even though he doesnt speak the language) and going to the theater to watch shows.
Its been a pleasure having him with us at Taste Buds!

Name: Elysian
Age: 4 1/4 years
Neighborhood: downtown Jersey City
Favorite Foods: Chicken satay, sausage pizza, bacon, mac & cheese with broccoli
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Spatula