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Green in the Kitchen

The kitchen tends to produce the most waste of any other room in the house. Between packaging, energy use and organic waste, many homes end up unknowingly spending a lot more on what ultimately ends up being garbage.

1. Bring your own reusable bags to the supermarket. some markets like Target, CVS and Whole Foods even give you a discount for this green gesture.
2. Avoid oversized portions. while it may seem cheaper to by in bulk, you really only lose money if you have to throw away spoiled, unused food.
3. Buy lasting cookware and utensils. choosing sturdy utensils instead of cheap ones will decrease the need to constantly replace rotten wooden spoons or melted plastic spatulas.
4. Save your scraps. there are community drop offs all over the city that can take your organic kitchen wastes and convert them into useful compost for gardening, soil mitigation and habitat improvement projects. Visit for locations.

These few simple steps will help you save money while doing your part in saving the environment!