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Family First

a women and boy making applesauce muffins

East librarian opened a family franchise of a cooking entertainment space, strengthening her family bond and love for teaching!

We are thrilled to see Jenny Robinson, owner of TBK Leawood, KS, along with her husband Matt Robinson highlighted by a local publication for all of their hard work to help create special memories for kids, families and adults.

The Leawood franchise of Taste Buds Kitchen, a “culinary entertainment” space, was opened by East Librarian Jennifer Robinson for two reasons — her love for teaching and her her family’s shared passion for cooking. Mixing colored icing for a kids birthday party or kneading dough during a team building class is what strengthens their family bond and gives them all a place to teach through entertainment on the weekends.

“It’s brought us closer together because we’re doing something different together,” Mrs. Robinson said. “We all have a common goal: we want it to be successful, we want people to have fun…that’s a goal we have that a lot of families don’t have.”

And each of the Robinson family members pitch in. Even though her husband, Matt, takes the lead on most classes since they have several throughout the school week, Mrs. Robinson and their 13-year-old daughter Sydney help whenever they have extra time. Sydney gives up sleeping in on weekend mornings to join her parents and sit around the miniature tables with the kids. Like her mom, she loves the look on kids’ faces when they perfect the icing. And her parents have loved watching her grow — learning how to manager time and handle kids while spending time with her family has been a great experience for them all.

“Working with my family is really fun to kind of see them grow, and to kind of teach my daughter a good work ethic and what service looks like.” Mr. Robinson said. “Obviously working with my wife is fun because we’re kind of best friends, so it lets us see more of each other.”