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Junior Chef of the Month: Tatum

a smiling woman in a kitchen

Tatum is a seasoned TBK Chef and has been cooking with us all year.  She is always asking questions and wanting to learn more.  She once even brought a recipe book to class with recipes from all different countries just because she loves cooking! It was the perfect choice for our Around the World theme. She’s become the resident chef at home and has prepared a number of recipes she’s learned for different family occasions. She made lasagna cupcakes for a baby shower and they were a hit!  Way to go Chef Tatum!

Meet Tatum

  • Age: 9
  • Neighborhood: Keller
  • First Culinary Creation: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Favorite Recipe: Corn Casserole
  • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Basting Brush
  • Favorite Cooking Fact: Yeast is Alive
  • Wants to Cook Next: A Cake

Her response to hearing that she’s been select as Taste Buds’ “Chef of the Month”: “Awesome Sauce!”