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At Taste Buds Kitchen we love all things kids, families and food! Stay up to date with our latest happenings,
delicious recipes, kitchen tips and at-home cook-along videos.


Junior Chef of the Month: Jeremy

TBK NYC is pleased to highlight Jeremy as our Chef of the Month. We love having Jeremy’s sweet smile and passion for all things culinary in our Kitchen. Jeremy has joined us for many of our cooking camps and is a Counselor-in-Training specialist, always bringing a great helping hand to our younger chefs and so much joy to our…

Junior Chef of the Month: Claire

TBK NYC is pleased to highlight Claire as our Chef of the Month for May. Claire is an avid baker who joined us for a private lesson recently along with her mother Susan and favorite American Girl Grace.  From handmade croissants to french apple pies, Claire tackled our Modern French Pastry menu like a pro. We can’t wait to…

Junior Chef of the Month: Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been a TBK chef for almost a year!  She loves to learn all of the culinary tips and tricks she learns in class and is always creating outstanding recipes.  In class, Brooklyn is a leader and is always willing to share her culinary knowledge and expertise with the newer chefs.  She’s also the…

Junior Chef of the Month: Madison

Madison is in her 3rd semester, so she’s been with us from the beginning of our offsite semester program.  Madison always pays attention to detail and wants to fully understand the recipe before cooking.  She is a great helper, this week she showed a new student the ropes of washing hands, following rules, and making…

Junior Chef of the Month: Emme

We are so pleased to announce Emme as our April Chef of the Month!  Emme was one of the first chef’s to attend our TBK’s semester classes, and she’s wowed us with both her culinary skills and her ability to play Don’t Eat Pete!  This semester she’s traveling with us Around the World, and adding…

Junior Chef of the Month: Tatum

Tatum is a seasoned TBK Chef and has been cooking with us all year.  She is always asking questions and wanting to learn more.  She once even brought a recipe book to class with recipes from all different countries just because she loves cooking! It was the perfect choice for our Around the World theme….